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Baby Watch and Bachelorette!

Helloooooo superfriends! Baby watch 2015 is in full swing over here. My future sis-in-law is due on the 21st but we’re hoping baby comes a little early. I mean, it’s a three day weekend, doesn’t baby know how convenient that would be? Not to mention I’m heading to Miami for Bachelorette part 2: The Cruise on the 22nd and I’d love to be close by when baby comes to see he or she when nice and fresh! I am so excited to be an aunt!

Speaking of Bachelorette part 2: The Cruise, I am SO ridiculously excited!! As Jessie wrote about earlier, my amazing bridesmaids threw me a fantastic bach in Baltimore which was a great chance to celebrate with some of my favorite people who can’t make it to Bachpt2 and some of my favorite people who love me enough to celebrate TWICE! It was such a great night and it was awesome to see how friends from every step of my life got along so well together. Represented were my two different elementary schools (holler Jess and Sarah), middle school (Sash), high school (Linz), college (Jeanette, Jannette, Chel, Anu, Ilana), Kastles (BVP), MBA (Richa) and my new Kroll family (Dorina). I am so lucky to have developed these amazing friendships and am loving the fun times my girls are showing me before I become a boring old married woman (JK THOUGH RIGHT?).

Baltimore Bachelorette

Baltimore Bachelorette

Though we (the superfriends) have traveled together for Sasha’s bachelorette in Austin and to Rehoboth for Lindsay’s bachelorette, I feel like we haven’t really gone on a trip trip together since Vegas back in August of 2010. Here we are a solid 4.5 years later and I am ready for another AMAZING trip with my best friends. There are 11 of us going on the cruise (superfriends + Maryland friends + Kastles friends) which is crazy awesome and I am SO ready to soak up some rays with these girls. I know the warm weather will be incredible, but the quality time together will be even better. I have only been on cruises with my mom (which were great – love you mom!), and I am extra excited to experience them with a group of friends. I imaging us laying by the pool, enjoying frozen drinks, dancing our butts off and maybe even partaking in some karaoke. In honor of this upcoming vacay, I’m posting some oh my favorite photos from our Vegas trip – where we ate, drank, danced, explored and maybe even gambled a little. Can’t wait to do it up with guys again!!

Is this the real Caesar's Palace?

Is this the real Caesar’s Palace?

Get itttt

Get itttt

Vegas...or Paris? No just Vegas.

Vegas…or Paris? No just Vegas.

Being sillyyy

Being sillyyy

Frozen drinks! I hope to see a few of those on the cruise :)

Frozen drinks! I hope to see a few of those on the cruise 🙂

So tan...

So tan…

Will there be sexy men on this cruise? I mean, it is a bachelorette!

Will there be sexy men on this cruise? I mean, it is a bachelorette!

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I don’t travel…but I Do Drink Wine!

Welp, seeing as my most exciting, most recent adventure was to Austin for Sasha’s bachelorette party (STILL one of the best trips EVER), I will pass on discussing it since half of the Super Friends were actually there.

That said, I *am* doing something kind of travel-related- I am starting a wine blog with two of my coworkers! It is travel-related because yummy wines come from fun far-off lands. Totally the same thing.

I’ll be heading up the partnerships/tech-research piece- how do we acquire followers, advertisers, interested parties, etc. from Twitter, other blogs (AHEM.), Facebook, tumblr, Pinterest, what have you. I’m super excited! We’ll be including a lot of experiential commentary, which is really what we hope to focus on most…other than the wine itself, of course. I want to add in food pairings for some of them, but you know me and my love of food. Mostly meat. Which I save for last (for those of you who read this and are not one of the original Super Friends, please reference comments under Lindsay’s last post).

Speaking of food- I did make some delicious stuff last week! Most notably, kale chips.

For those of you who have never created homemade kale chips, they are the stuff of DREAMS. Drizzle baking pan with olive oil (seriously, you guys- a drizzle is more than enough! These things become super greasy super quickly.), cover with 1 inch tears of kale. Spread kale evenly; do not double layer. Drizzle (!!!) with more olive oil, and sprinkle with crushed black pepper and sea salt.

Bake in oven on 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes (check on them after 10). Take out and lay on a double layer of paper towels; when cool, you can store in tupperware.

I definitely housed what was left of mine last night in a fit of salt craving. So good. I’ve also crumbled them on top of salad before as a healthier substitute for croutons, and they definitely do the trick!

So, in other Jessie news (outside of kale and wine), it’s been an INSANE week. Between big Super Friends news (I’ll leave that one to Abs), 12 hour work days, and my friend Megan telling me she’s 3 months pregnant, I don’t think I’ve been able to slow down for more than a second. I think the most exciting thing- other than those listed- is that I can’t find my iPad in a post-move world. Not really exciting so much as quite upsetting, actually. But whatever.

How are your weeks?!

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