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Sunday spring outing or Kat’s first post with pictures

And now a post that seems really frivolous after Abby’s… But since I only post like once a year I thought I’d go for it anyway (glad to hear things are settled down! The U.S. is insane lately).. Since it’s finally really spring, we capped off the classic spring activities like the Werder Blossom Festival and the MyFest May 1st Street Festival (free concerts and a lot of good Turkish food before the scheduled vandalism starts) with a Sunday bike outing. From Romantica, one of our favorite brunch locations in Sch√∂neberg, we headed to Berlin-Steglitz to visit the Botanical Gardens I’ve always planned to go to never made it to until now. We had perfect timing for the end of tree-blossom season and the best of tulips, etc., plus all the greenhouses, which ranged from prehistoric plants to “useful” ones like coffee and ginger. Saw the lovely old half-timbered house from outside, but the weather was much too nice for a museum, so we skipped that part.

Here are some pictures of the gardens, if I can figure out how to post them…

IMG_2102 IMG_2103 IMG_2104 IMG_2105 IMG_2106 IMG_2107 IMG_2108 IMG_2109 IMG_2110 IMG_2111 IMG_2113 IMG_2114


PIMG_2123 IMG_2124 IMG_2125 IMG_2126 IMG_2127 IMG_2128 IMG_2129 IMG_2130 IMG_2131 IMG_2134


From there, we got back on our backs and passed a couple of the beautiful lakes on the outskirts of Berlin, Nikolasee and Schlachtensee, then biked into the woods surrounding Wannsee lake, where we parked our bikes and took the ferry out to Pfaueninsel, where Friedrich the Great kept his peacocks and romantic trysts.  We saw blue and white peacocks in full splendor, plus 2 of the 3 mini-castles, one of which F. the Great had built to look like a romantic ruin to entertain one of his mistresses. I was pretty hangry by this point, so we took a coffee/cake break at a meadow in the middle of the island, where they luckily happened to be selling coffee and cake (and water!) The weirdest part of the island is of course the constant peacock shrieks, which sound kind of like a very loud cartoon cat.

Anyway, it looks sort of like this:

IMG_2163 IMG_2164 IMG_2165 IMG_2166 IMG_2172 This peacock was just chilling outside of the peacock area, apparently eating bugs?

IMG_2174 IMG_2178 IMG_2181

IMG_2186This one is the fake ruin. It wasn’t very convincing, but good effort.


I was a lot less motivated on the way back to central Berlin, especially after the cake break and then getting caught behind a really large (in number, not weight), slow family who managed to block both the bike lane and the entire sidewalk so we couldn’t pass them for ages, but we made good time once we finally escaped from behind their incredibly wide baby bike-trailer and were back home by dark. The whole trip was 41 km, a small step on our plan to bike to S’s hometown, which is more like 200 and some, but a great outing for a sunny Sunday in spring.


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