You’ll get to know each of us over time, but some quick info: we are six friends who went to middle school together in Northern Virginia. We have since gone our separate ways but have stayed close friends! We see each other as often as possible, getting together for events like weddings and holidays and, the highlight of our year, our annual Christmas get-together. This winter will bring our 11th annual holiday dinner and we are still going strong!

As six twenty-somethings in different places on the map and different places in our lives, we created this blog to share our stories and experiences in hopes to better stay connected with each other and with you out there on the interwebz! You’ll find posts about wedding planning, navigating careers, moving, trying new recipes, and fun stuff like when Jessie spills coffee and trips.

Meet the Superfriends!

Abby – Lives in Baltimore and works in sports marketing. Enjoys pugs, fantasy football and wedding planning.

Jessie – Recruiter in the fashion industry in NYC. Jessie bakes treats and goes on dates.

Kat – Our most international superfriend, Kat is a writer in Berlin. She only drinks coffee at midnight.

Lindsay – Newlywed living in Austin, Texas. Works in marketing and is our go-to girl for household projects and healthy living.

Sarah – Works for a tech start up incubator and does amazing New Orleans things like ride on a float in a Mardi Gras parade.

Sasha – Recently returned to Williamsburg, Virginia where her husband is a professor at the College they both met at as students.


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