Mawwiage is what bwings us togetha today!

As a long time lover of the Princess Bride, it seems only appropriate to dig out that piece of cinematic excellence to watch on the eve of my wedding and that is exactly what Jessie and I plan to do this coming Saturday night. I have forced Jessie (and all of the other superfriends) to watch the Princess Bride countless times over the past 15 years to the point where they had to physically retrain me from quoting every line. It is the BEST story: full of silly humor and jokes, friendship, adventure and true love (which is the greatest thing in the world, besides a nice MLT) – all things that also describe my relationship with Adam. Adam makes me laugh even more than Vizzini and I am so excited to face life’s adventures with him and to be his [princess] bride (and I promise not to try and kill myself when I reach the honeymoon suite!).  Anyway, I guess this is just a round about way of saying EEEEEEE I can’t wait until Sunday!!! And in case you’re interested in learning some fun facts about the Princess Bride, check out this great Buzz Feed listicle- 43 Inconceivable Facts About the Princess Bride.

Besides watching the Princess Bride and marrying Adam (duh) there are about a bajillion other things I am looking forward to this weekend. I am excited to have all of my friends and family and Adam’s family in one place – and to see everyone mix and mingle. One of my favorite things about the weddings I have been in has been to spend time with my friend’s families and to meet the groom’s family. I can’t wait for Krolls and Wolfs and superfriends to come together! I am excited to see all of the elements of our wedding pulled together to capture the “spring garden” feel that we wanted. Even though it will be too chilly to have the wedding outside, we hope that our wedding brings a taste of springtime to Baltimore. I am excited for what I hope will be a relaxing morning of pampering with the bridesmaids while we get ready for the wedding. I looove to have my hair and make-up done professionally (seriously this is something that’s on the top of my list of things I’d splurge on if I was super wealthy) and I picture us sipping mimosas cool as a cucumber the morning of the wedding (HA – remind me I wrote this on Sunday when I am a ball of nervous anticipation). I am excited for a meaningful ceremony conducted by the same Rabbi who Bat Mitzvahed me at age 13 and finally, I am excited to break it down on the dance floor all night long!!

And because the Princess Bride and superfriend reunions always make me nostalgic, here are some throwback pics…

Abby and Jessie, twinsies, age 7?

Abby and Jessie, twinsies, age 7?

Superfriends at the beach, summer 2005

Superfriends at the beach, summer 2005

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