Motivation, such an aggravation!

Well, summer is winding down which means I am three days away from unemployment…and I can’t help but feel oddly blasé about the whole thing. I know I should be job hunting and have plenty of student loans to pay off, but for now I am secretly not-so-secretly OK with a brief period of funemployment. Adam is off work next week and I am looking forward to spending some quality time with him and with some of you girls at Lindsay’s bridal shower/bach next weekend. Come September 8, I promise to be super motivated and crank out resumes and cover letters like it’s my job (because it will be…). I am hoping to find a job in marketing/communications/events in Baltimore (over the commute to DC!) so let me know if you hear of anything that would be a good fit.


In the meantime, I’m celebrating National Dog Day (love that that’s a thing!) with this precious cutie pie!!!

Jackie Boy

Jackie Boy


Also – random thought of the day: Do you ever think about how back in the day people would host those amazing creative salons like Gertrude Stein where people like Hemingway and Picasso and F. Scott Fitzgerald would attend and they would all just BE together and soak up each others’ awesome creative juices? Like doesn’t that just sound ridiculously entertaining? Oh to be a fly on THAT wall. AMIRIGHT?

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