End of Summer

After working pretty much every day for the entirety of June and July, it’s hard to not feel like summer has passed me by when I finally emerge from Kastles season in August. I’m trying to make the most of the final few weeks of summer weather and cram in as much outside time and ice cream as possible! This past weekend I got to play tour guide in my new city and show two Baltimore-newbies a good time. My cousin, Sarah, who has lived in DC for the past 7+ years has never made it up to Baltimore and my old neighbor, Thea, who I used to babysit for hadn’t been here since she was little. Since Thea is visiting the states from the UK this summer, it was great to have her up for the weekend! Thea’s family moved back to Great Britain when she was 9 and she is now 21, so it had been a while since I had last seen her. Kat – I still remember one of my first times baby-sitting for Thea and her sister was the same day as a party you were throwing (I think for St Patrick’s day?!) and I was upset about missing the party! Anywho, Adam and I planned a jam-packed Baltimore day to entertain our guests and enjoy the end of summer.

Our day started out a little rocky – Adam had to move his car since they were bringing in some equipment on the street he had parked on and it became a no parking zone Saturday morning. Since he had to move his car anyway he decided to go fill it up with gas and then got blocked out of our neighborhood because of a half-marathon that shut down a few streets. He was super frustrated and tried to hop on the highway and enter our neighborhood another way. Traffic was so bad he literally gave up – parked the car at a meter and walked the last few blocks home!! What was the cause of all the traffic? The annual Otakon convention! Otakon is an anime convention and our city was taken over by countless fans dressed in the WILDEST costumes. It made for incredible people watching, but awful, awful traffic.

After the traffic fiasco, we set out toward the Inner Harbor and took in the sights (and made a quick breakfast stop at Starbucks) before heading to the aquarium. I had only been to the aquarium one, about five years ago, and it was way more entertaining than I remember! We saw dolphins doing tricks, big sharks, brightly colored fishies and scary jelly fish (horrid beasties?).

Jelly fish at the National Aquarium

Jelly fish at the National Aquarium

Adam must have been having a rough day because in one of the open air exhibits with free roaming birds and bats – he got crapped on! A big glob of bird poo right on his shorts! We all told him it was good luck and the museum staff quickly grabbed him some wet wipes. He was a very good sport about it.

With Sarah at the Aquarium

With Sarah at the Aquarium

Little known fact – the aquarium is also home to a sloth and a couple little golden lion tamarins! You know how much I love the zoo so I appreciated the furry creatures who put in an appearance. After the aquarium, we headed to Lexington Market for some of the best crab cakes in Baltimore at Faidley’s. Lexington Market has been around since 1782 and definitely has a feel of old Baltimore. The jumbo lump crab cakes were on point and so delicious. I washed mine down with a freshly squeezed lemonade while Adam had Baltimore’s finest Natty Boh. From the market, we walked back down to the baseball stadium with a quick pitstop at Pickles first. Pickles is THE spot to grab a drink before and O’s game and we each had a quick beer.

Natty Bohs at Pickles before the O's game!

Natty Bohs at Pickles before the O’s game!

We chugged our beers and hightailed it to the stadium about an hour before first pitch because the Orioles had an awesome giveaway: a Wild Bill Cowboy Hat. We knew they only had hats enough for the first 20,000 fans and maybe Adam’s bird-crap luck paid off – we got hats from the very last box!

Rocking our Wild Bill cowboy hats!

Rocking our Wild Bill cowboy hats

We wore them with pride during the game! The Orioles also kicked the St. Louis Cardinals’ butts and after the game we headed home for some snacks and to spend time with Jack. All in all it was a great Baltimore day and I had a blast showing our guests what Charm City is all about!

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