If We Were Having Coffee Today

Happy Friday, ladies!

I’m writing to you from Starbucks this morning, as the internet at home keeps dropping on me. It’s such a tragedy when that happens. I have to buy myself fancy coffee and engage with pleasant baristas. The horror.

Starbucks always makes me think of you lovely girls and our many hours of good conversation at Main Street and Pan Am. In honor of that, I thought it would be fun to host a virtual coffee date today. This is an idea I’ve seen on a few other blogs, so don’t go thinking I’m really creative and original.

Let’s begin!

If we were having coffee today, I’d ask for your opinion on tile. Stephen and I are remodeling part of our master bath (we had the tub removed and we’re building a bigger, frame-less glass shower), and we need to pick out tile for the shower walls and floor this weekend. The bathroom floor tile is beige, and the walls are painted a medium brown, so we’re thinking of using grey and grey/blue tiles in the shower. We’ll see what we can find! Oh, and we’re not doing this ourselves, in case my second sentence was misleading. We’re working with a contractor/handyman named Van (heh, Van the Handyman, I love that) who helped us with some electrical work right after we bought the house. I may like to craft and paint, but plumbing and tile work is a little beyond me.

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that this year is passing quickly and slowly at the same time. On one hand, my brain thinks, “It’s already June?!?” And on the other hand, I keep thinking “I should address our invites tonight” only to remember that we don’t actually need to mail them until late July or August. Late summer and fall are going to be such a busy time for us, and I am simultaneously impatient, excited and nervous as hell.

If we were having coffee today, I’d gush about my puppy. Renley is nearly 2 years old; can I still call him a puppy? I swear, my love for him grows every single day. Lately he’s been joining us in bed for cuddle time when Stephen tucks me in at night. He is so gentle these days, and it makes my heart melt when he calmly lays between us and stares at me with those honey brown eyes. I can’t believe I am sharing this with the Internet, but I can make myself cry on the spot when I think about Renley five years from now. I have this vision in which Stephen and I are playing with our kids (God willing) one evening, and I make eye contact with Renley. And in his brown eyes, now surrounded by a few white hairs, he seems to say “I knew you guys when you were just a couple.” I have a lump in my throat just typing that. And now you think I am crazy.

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you about the peppercorn-crusted burgers I made for dinner last night. Stephen raved and raved. I have to agree, they were pretty fantastic. Hah, allow me to obnoxiously toot my own horn. I wish we all still lived within 10 miles of one another, because it would be so fun to have you over for monthly dinner parties. In other recipe news, I also ate like five Earth Bowl salads this week. Have you all ever tried Sweetgreen? It’s a salad and froyo chain in DC, but they’ve expanded to a few more cities. Their Earth Bowl contains arugula, raw corn, cherry tomatoes, chicken, white cheddar, spicy roasted broccoli, grains (quinoa and brown rice, I think) and pesto vinaigrette. It’s amazing. Since Sweetgreen has yet to reach Austin, we have to make our own to get our fix. It’s sort of a pain to prep everything, but the end result is well worth it.

If we were having coffee today, I would ask you for a life update, because no one likes to sip coffee with a conversation hog. So, give me some scoop! What’s new with my favorite five?

Love to all,


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2 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee Today

  1. abbyzaniel says:

    I definitely thought you were doing your own tiling at first and I was like daaaaamnnnn girl! I’m glad Renley has become so cuddly! Have you read the Dog Paradox from the Oatmeal? It’s amazing and makes me tear up every time. Why are dogs so wonderful?!

    Now I’m getting ready for my weekend tradition of a long walk to Dunkin’ for coffee with Adam and Jack, but I wish we girls could have a coffee date instead! And then afterward you could cook for us 🙂


  2. if we were having coffee today, i would give linz a massive hug and probably cry on her shoulder.

    i love you girls!!! hope your weekends were fantastic.

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