Spring Breeeeaaaaak!

Okay, the term Spring Break definitely loses its luster once you are part of the working world. I am off school this week, but since I started working for the Kastles again, I was commuting to DC Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It didn’t help the spring break feeling at all when we got a few inches of snow Sunday night into Monday. Now it’s Friday, I’m off work and its finally a little warmer – things are looking up!

Can’t forget last weekend though which was spectacular in a number of ways:

Familia hanging out Friday night

Familia hanging out Friday night

1. Quality time with Adam’s family. Much of Adam’s extended family flew into town last weekend for our engagement party. Since many of them got in on Friday and the party wasn’t until Sunday, we had a little family dinner Friday night. Family dinner at the Kroll’s isn’t complete without plenty of wine and cocktails and a yummy snack spread with cheeses, hummus, celery and olives. Adam’s family is so fun and we had a great time!

2. I said yes to the dress!!!!! Saturday morning I went wedding dress shopping with my mom, Adam’s mom, Jessie and Jeanette. The first place we went had an interesting layout where your entourage was actually in the fitting room with you. This means Adam’s mom saw way more than she bargained for! I wasn’t super comfortable standing around in my skivvies, but it was still a fun experience. I tried on so many gorgeous dresses, but didn’t feel like any of them were the “ONE”. Our second appointment of the day was at a bridal salon that Carrie and Jeanette took me to the weekend before. The second wedding dress I ever put on made me tear up a little and after trying a bunch of others I knew I had to go back to that one! My mom loved it too and best part is it looks great with my veil! I’ll be wearing the same veil my mom wore at her wedding – it is in great condition even 30+ years later and I think it is a great nod to my mom and how awesome she is. I can’t say much more about the dress on this public forum, but the super friends have all already seen a picture of it!

3. Abby and Jessie’s weekend of fun! Jessie came for wedding dress shopping and stayed for the weekend and it was so fun to spend time together. Saturday night we went to dinner with Adam and had mouthwateringly delicious mussels and pizza. Saturday night we had wine and played Heads Up for hours – I swear that game makes me laugh soooo hard! I even persuaded Jessie to set up a JDate Profile. I know her Jewish Prince Charming is just around the corner 🙂

4. Blowouts! Sunday morning Jessie and I drove to Bethesda for appointments at Dry Bar to get our hair blown out. We grabbed coffee first and it was so nice to sit and relax and be pampered. We left feeling relaxed and with gorgeous curls! We felt a little cheated though because they didn’t offer us mimosas – apparently they do in NYC?!

5. Engagement Party!! Adam’s parents threw us an amazing engagement party at their house and so many friends and family came out to it. We munched on yummy passed apps and it was great to catch up with everyone – especially four out of five super friends! We had a blast but wow it is tiring to talk to everyone and greet every guest – I think we got a preview of what the wedding is going to be like. I feel like I barely saw Adam so on wedding day we’re definitely going to have to tag team it and talk to everyone as a couple just so we get more time together! Of course, me being me, we had to take a bunch of photos and I must say we look adorable!

6 out of 7 bridesmaids!

6 out of 7 bridesmaids!

We're getting married! <3

We’re getting married! ❤



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2 thoughts on “Spring Breeeeaaaaak!

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