Travel Tuesday: Offbeat Florence

Happy Tuesday! I’m not going to write a full post, but I thought I’d share a few photos for Travel Tuesday. These are some of the sillier things I encountered when I spent a year living in Florence, Italy as an undergrad. Laughter was always a great antidote to culture shock.

DavidFirst, one of the more common sights across Florence is David. And I’m not talking about seeing David on magnets or t-shirts or mugs in tourist shops–I’m talking about life-size David statues scattered all over the city. That’s because for some reason, the city has decided to put up multiple copies of the statue all over (maybe just because he’s photogenic?).

To be fair, Fake David #1 (at left) is in this square because it’s where the real statue used to stand. It’s not the silliest thing we found, but it was still really strange to find this statue in so many different places around the city.

Getting stranger, however, were some of the other artwork displays that we found. I’m really not sure how Botticelli would feel about this:

VenusAnother highlight in Europe are the colorful street performers. This guy was one of our favorites in Florence, but that may just be because we loved his dog. It was not Christmas when we saw him dressed like this:


Finally, the day we went to Perugia for an international chocolate festival was ridiculous in so many ways. I won’t go into the fact that we all miscommunicated on the train we’d be taking and got to the city several hours apart because one group took a train the wrong direction….but at least we found some fun once we made it. Delicious chocolate, incredible truffles, and some epic games along the way:


You’ll always find some sights you find strange when traveling, but these are some of the oddities that we all still think and laugh about. Maybe it’s just that finding absurdity really helps ground you when you’re in a strange place. And even on the worst days of homesickness or culture shock, it certainly helps knowing that at least you’re not the guy who thought putting the Birth of Venus on a toilet was a good idea…

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