Sunny in Austin

Today’s weather report from Austin? Sunny and nearly 70 degrees. Yea, baby!

SunnyDay1 SunnyDay2 RenleyInSun


Before you get too jealous, this is the first nice day we’ve had all week. The swings in temperature have been extreme. I was supposed to referee a lacrosse game on Tuesday night, but it was cancelled due to sleet and below-freezing temps.

2014-01-24 10.49.10


On January 24th, we actually had snow on the ground (see above picture… yes, we’re counting that as snow). One week later, I hiked in a tank top and shorts. Crazy.

Despite living very far from the East Coast storm, it’s still impacting our weekend plans. Stephen’s brother Aaron was supposed to land in Austin today to join us and his girlfriend Amanda for Valentine’s weekend. She is in town from San Francisco for a psychology conference. We’re hoping his flight can get out tomorrow. I feel so badly for them!

Abby, thanks for the motivation to actually get outside for a lunch walk to enjoy this weather. Work has been a little soul-crushing this week. Better get back to it!

Happy Valentine’s Day to the lady loves of my life ❤

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3 thoughts on “Sunny in Austin

  1. abbyzaniel says:

    1. ugh, warmth and sunshine – I miss that! 2. Renley sometimes looks like a big Jack. 3. I know you are kicking butt at work, hope things get a little less soul-crushing soon! 4. You’ll be working with a friendly face at the Kastles again soon 🙂

  2. Renley DOES look a little like Jack! Except I would say that Jack looks a little like Renley. Renley was here first! haha. And MAJOR YAY about a friendly face at the Kastles!

  3. […] was everyone’s Valentine’s Day? Despite our crossed fingers, Aaron’s flight was cancelled both Thursday and Friday, so Amanda was our only guest last […]

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