My and Adam’s little family grew last week with the addition of one four-legged snuggle machine! We had planned on adopting a dog for a while and went through the approval process with the Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue last fall. As anyone who has ever met me can attest, I love pugs and am obsessed with those little smush faced dogs with the curly tails. My parents had pugs while I was growing up and their house was full of pug figurines, pug pillows, pug lamps etc. The superfriends continue to gift me pug stuff during our annual Christmas get together.

Baby Abby with Alibi and Jasper

Baby Abby with Alibi and Jasper

Sorry for the poor quality of this picture, but you get the point. I’ve loved pugs since before I could walk! So, going through the pug rescue was a no-brainer. The approval process included an application, a phone interview, reference checks and a home visit. Adam and I finally got approved and would scan the pug rescue site for the right doggie match. We were pretty specific in what we were looking for: a healthy, young (2 years or less), fawn, female, pug mix that was located at most four hours away. While I am a total pug-lover, Adam was less sold on the breed and was more comfortable getting a mixed breed. We watched the site for a number of months and they have some great dogs up for adoption, but never found the right pup for us come into rescue. In the meantime, I was getting impatient and started checking to see if there were any other pug mixes in the area who were looking for a loving home. On a random Thursday a couple weeks ago I was scrolling through petfinder and stumbled on Jack’s posting with the Humane Society of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. Jack is 8 months old and part Jack Russell, part pug and part dachshund. We called them up and were told that if we submitted an application and drove up there, we could bring Jack home with us that day. No, he didn’t have the traditional squishy pug face, but he was still adorable! In a frenzy Adam and I scrambled to fill out the application and ran to Walmart to pick up pet supplies before piling into the car for the two hour drive up to Myerstown, Pennsylvania. We brainstormed dog names the entire way up: Reggie, Dez, Bowser, Manny, but couldn’t agree on anything. After meeting the pup, we decided he was a Jack and that he would stay that way. Of course that doesn’t stop us from calling him Jackie, Jackaroo, Jackaroni, loverboo etc. The people of the humane society were awesome and gave us a collar and leash for Jack along with his favorite toy and bags of food and treats. He was so sweet and snuggled up with me the whole ride home. It’s amazing how quickly he became precious to us, a few minutes into that car ride and Adam and I would do anything for the pup.

Jack is the sweetest cuddle buddy

Jack is the sweetest cuddle buddy

We are proud parents and excited every time Jack does something new.  He was very shy when we first got him from the shelter and he is already making such progress. He is happy to sniff other dogs we come across on our walks and is starting to open up to our friends who come by to visit. I can’t wait for him to meet the superfriends and the superfriends’ adopted dogs!

Snapchat screenshot - Jack's first trip to Petsmart!

Snapchat screenshot – Jack’s first trip to Petsmart! Look at that face!

Jack staying warm in the snow!

Jack staying warm in the snow!

Check out that curly pug tail! Jack is curled up next to me right now on the couch as I type this very post. I love him so much and am thrilled that Adam and I could give him a loving home.

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3 thoughts on “Introducing…JACK!

  1. Oh my gosh- that little face!! I’m so glad he has a curly tail 🙂 Best part of pugs, imo.

  2. abbyzaniel says:

    Thanks girl! He is the sweetest and loves snuggling! My favorite thing he does is he can tell when we are going to leave and crate him – I guess he gets tipped off by us putting our coats on and he runs to the couch and flips over on his back with his belly in the air. I guess it’s a strategy that he think either makes him too difficult to pick up or too cute to want to leave. It’s adorable! But ineffective.

  3. […] adopted our furry little bundle of joy last January and he is far and above the highlight of my year. JUST […]

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