Recent Eats

Hey beauties!

Popping in to share a few recipe/food links:

This tahini dressing got Stephen to eat a second helping of massaged kale salad. What’s even more impressive is that he voluntarily devoted precious stomach space to salad when beef stew was on the table too.

Speaking of beef stew, this Chianti Beef Stew with Porcini is my go-to recipe. I rarely use that exact list of ingredients; it’s the general method that I’ve committed to memory. The trick is a really quick sear in step 2. The recipe suggests 5-7 minutes, but I never do longer than 5. Your meat will come out of the oven tough if you sear it too long at the start.

I made us taco bowls for dinner last night: brown rice, spiced black beans, shredded lettuce and taco meat. And avocado, duh. I spiced the beans and meat with this taco seasoning mix. I found that recipe several months ago and have kept a jar in our pantry ever since. Don’t worry about being too exact; I ran out of cumin while making another batch last night, and it tasted just fine.

What’s cooking in LA, CA, MD, NY and Germany?

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One thought on “Recent Eats

  1. abbyzaniel says:

    Adam and I are trying to up the veggies! Zuccs, squash, asparagus and eggplant are currently in the fridge. And using broccoli slaw as pasta with chicken sausage and tomato sauce is my jam!

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