A Superfriend in Need is a Superfriend Indeed

One of the best things about being a superfriend is getting to know each other’s friends. I have had great times getting wedding planning tips from Abby’s friend Courtney, touring Florence with Sarah’s study abroad pals, and not to mention getting to know about fifteen Jeannettes through Abby and Lindsay.

Kristen is one of my superfriends. After meeting at high school, we both went on to William and Mary together, living together a few times along the way.

collegeThe two of us in college

Since graduation, Kristen has lived in Australia, gotten a master’s degree, broken a few hearts, and started teaching in the fall. Although life has been pretty all over the place for her, one thing remained constant- her love of running. She’s spent the last decade plus running and at running meets. Starting out as an athlete, then watching her brother as a fan, and in the fall she started coaching her high school team.

Last month, after going for a run, she saw unusual bruising, and was a lot more fatigued than her run warranted.  One doctor’s visit and a few days later, Kristen was diagnosed with leukemia.   The prognosis is very very good, but the treatment has been really tough on her body.

The moment I found out, I asked Kristen what I could do for her.  Her treatment totally wipes out her immune system, so she can’t always have visitors.  I haven’t been able to see her, so the only thing I thought I could do was send care packages.

That is, until I found out about Team in Training, which is the endurance sports training program run by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  I have started training and fundraising for the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll half-marathon in June.   I’ll post about my training as it goes on, but for now,  here is a great way to help a Superfriend in need.

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