What I’m Looking Forward to in 2014

Hey ladies!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday. HUMP DAY! wOOt wOOt!

Today I am posting because Jessie bullied me into it. Not that I don’t love sharing with you all, but today’s post is definitely all thanks to Jessie.

What to talk about? How about the year ahead?

One of the things I look forward to every December is buying a new calendar for the next year. Oh yes, I’m a nerd. I love me some paper and organization.

2014 is going to be a seriously busy year for me, and I’m so psyched it has officially begun! What’s on deck?

January– We have a few more days to spend with family and friends in Virginia before we hit the road back to Texas. I’m really starting to miss our house and friends in Austin, and I’m itchy to get back! If only 23 hours in the car didn’t stand in the way.

Renley in the car on our drive up to VA. I love that pup.

Renley in the car on our drive up to VA. I love that pup.

February– I have a work event in early February and Stephen’s brother Aaron and his girlfriend are coming to visit us over Valentine’s Day weekend.

March– We’re making a quick weekend trip back to Maryland for Abby and Adam’s engagement party and a tasting at our wedding venue. I am pretty sure the tasting is going to be my favorite part of wedding planning 🙂

April– Avon Walk #5 in Houston with my Aunt Nancy!

Nancy and I at a past Avon Walk... I think 2012?

Nancy and I at a past Avon Walk… I think 2012?

May– Zach and Katie are coming to visit us in Austin for a Spartan Race and a week-long work-from-home-party. We had our first work-from-home party in 2013, and it worked out really nicely! We get lots of time together (in the evenings and mornings), and no one has to use up vacation days.

June & July– Nothing on the books yet, but I think we’ll be in Texas the entire time. That alone is pretty exciting to me considering the rest of the year is quite travel-filled.

August– My brother David and Kristy are getting married in Philadelphia on the 16th. Stephen and I are both in their wedding party (and they’re in ours), and we’re extremely excited to celebrate their big day! At the end of August (Labor Day weekend), we’ll hit the road to Virginia again. There will be a lot of final wedding items to take care of that require our physical presence (dress fittings, venue walk-though, etc.).

September– The first weekend in September will be a big celebration: my bridal shower, bachelorette party and birthday all rolled together! I like efficiency. Mid-month, we’ll fly out to Oregon for Jeannette and Justin’s wedding in Eugene and a quick visit with Matt and Whitney in Portland.

Stephen and Justin bro-ing it up in Austin last April.

Stephen and Justin bro-ing it up in Austin last April.

October– Wedding (!!) and honeymoon in Peru (!!!).

November & December– I haven’t really thought past our wedding, but lots of fun events typically occur in these months. Ahem, Christmas Eve Eve dinner.

So, that’s my life for the next 12 months. What’s on tap for your 2014?

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