Wolfpack Thanksgivukkah!

I’m currently snuggled up all cozy on the couch while snow is falling outside – perfect conditions for blogging! I figured I’d give a Thanksgiving update and since I’m me, I have plenty of pictures from the holiday weekend (unlike Lindsay).

Thanksgiving this year was extra special because it overlapped with Hanukkah! That makes for one amazing Thanksgivukkah holiday! Since we are awesome, we even wore matching Thanksgivukkah shirts that we ordered from Lindsay’s company. As you may have gathered from my Turkey post, I LOVE holidays and the more decorations and cheesiness, the better!

Rocking our Thanksgivukkah Shirts + Turkey

Rocking our Thanksgivukkah Shirts + Turkey


We spent hours playing bridge and Apples to Apples and helping my Aunt Diane prepare everything for the Thanksgiving feast. There were 16 of us for Thanksgiving dinner and 8 of us for Thanksgiving part 2 on Friday. Of course we also lit the Menorah and ate some Hanukkah gelt. This was also Adam’s first Thanksgiving with my family and he fit right in with our style of eating, drinking, watching football and playing games all day! All of the food was as delicious as ever and I thought the turkey was particularly good this year. I’m usually all about the sides, but that was some tasty bird. One of the highlights was my cousin Rachel’s roast veggies.

Roast Veggies

Roast Veggies


Rachel roasted some root veggies (turnips, parsnips and carrots) and a mix of Brussels sprouts and butternut squash with just a little bit of oil and salt and pepper in the oven at 400 degrees for about 30-40 minutes. When the veggies were about 5 minutes from being done she poured a drizzle of maple syrup on top and let the vegetables finish roasting. These babies were delicious and made the perfect fall dish! After dinner (we typically eat around 3:30) we took a walk to a nearby playground so my little cousin Griffin could have some fun. How awesome is it that everyone is wearing the same color scheme?!

Family at the playground

Family at the playground


All in all, it was a pretty fantastic Thanksgivukkah (and a good thing too since there won’t be another one for 70,000 years!). I loved spending quality time with my extended family and I was so glad that Adam was there too. Can’t wait for the rest of the holiday season!!!


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2 thoughts on “Wolfpack Thanksgivukkah!

  1. You guys look fantastic! As do Rachel’s vegetables! Roasted veggies are a staple in our house too, but I’ve never tried a maple drizzle finish. Next time!

  2. […] most of my mom’s fam is in South Carolina we usually only see them once a year which makes Thanksgiving extra special. My mom and I rocked our matching dresses, enjoyed amazing food cooked by my Aunts […]

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