Hixson Thanksgiving 2013

Hi, lovelies!

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving (or Thanksgivukkah) holiday?

Stephen and I just returned to Austin last night after a week in Virginia and Delaware. It was so nice to spend Thanksgiving weekend with my family after a two year absence. I really missed my mom’s cooking and my cousins and our big, decorated table.

I only took one picture all week long, but it made me think of you guys, so I’ll share it here.



Jigsaw puzzles are a tradition at my family’s beach house, and our Thanksgiving 2013 puzzle was TOUGH. It took us 5 days to complete. The photo doesn’t make it look too difficult, but the puzzle pieces were the weirdest shapes I have ever seen, and all of the colors really blended together.

It was hard, but not as hard as that nothing-but-water-and-sky puzzle from a few years back. I know some of the Super Friends were involved… do any of you remember it?

Anyways, we’re happy to be back in Austin with our puppy, but we’re also looking forward to another Virginia visit soon for Christmas and New Year’s. This time WITH the puppy. Pray for us during the 24 hour car ride. Let’s hope he behaves!

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One thought on “Hixson Thanksgiving 2013

  1. […] I’m currently snuggled up all cozy on the couch while snow is falling outside – perfect conditions for blogging! I figured I’d give a Thanksgiving update and since I’m me, I have plenty of pictures from the holiday weekend (unlike Lindsay). […]

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