Hosting Family

Hey, lovely ladies!

Abby & Jessie, your NYC weekend sounds like it was such a blast! Ugh, it makes my heart hurt. I miss y’all so much! And I miss NYC too! It’s been far too long since my last visit. I’m looking over our holiday schedule right now to see if Stephen and I can cram in a quick weekend trip while we’re in VA this December.

Kat, I was also super stoked to see your first post! Welcome back to the Internet.

Sorry I’ve been a little absent lately. We just closed Hotel Probus-Hixson after two weeks of guests. My folks and my mom’s cousins Deb and Rich came to visit for 5 days in late October, and Stephen’s dad, step-mom, and 3 of his siblings were with us from last Friday through Tuesday morning. It was quite the full house for a while!

We’re becoming pros at showing people around Austin. Highlights from the past two weeks include: an engagement photo session with Stephen’s sister Kathryn on South Congress Ave (pictures to come soon!), visiting Hamilton Pool after a recent flood, the Master Pancake showing of Halloween with my parents and cousins, drinks and costumed-people-watching on 6th Street, finding my grandpa’s old ammo box at the lake house (it was like opening a time capsule; it had been locked shut since the 60’s!), posing with street art at Castle Hill, food truck lunches, two meals at the Oasis, and long mornings of coffee drinking and good conversation around the kitchen table.

We miss everyone already! Good thing Thanksgiving is just around the corner. We’re so excited to fly back; we’ve missed the past two years!

Of course I have no photos to document all of this, but I’ll share Kathryn’s pictures when I can. Instead, please enjoy this video of me snuggling Renley.

He’s clearly enjoying himself. I pretty much get the same reaction from Stephen when I try to cuddle at night. Is it me? Maybe my cuddling technique needs work.

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2 thoughts on “Hosting Family

  1. abbyzaniel says:

    Do you snuggle Stephen with the death grip too?

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