Hi, I’m Kat, the jerk that never posts anything on this blog… UNTIL NOW! But now that I have the internet in my new(ish) apartment, you can expect me to post something at least as often as I check facebook (i.e. once every six months). Basically, moving is really stressful and although I’m glad to be back in Kreuzberg, just a few blocks from Viktoriapark with its sweet waterfall (although that’s turned off in winter) and loads of cafes, etc., this move has been FULL of fiascos, such as:

-Me getting delivered a broken washing machine

-Various repairmen standing me up when we had appointments

-My boyfriend being too busy and me being too scared to install overhead lighting (when a German moves out of an apartment, he or she takes everything, including light fixtures. See also “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” for an illustration of what an apartment looks like when you move into it here)

-Me not remembering how to put my super shoddy IKEA sofa back together

-The kitchen table not fitting through the door to the kitchen and me having to cut off part of it with a hacksaw

-One of the saw blades braking in half

To name just a few. But look, I finally signed up for an account and posted something, guys!

PS So far I’ve been 100% right about the order of you beeyotches becoming engaged, burn!

One thought on “Tada!

  1. abbyzaniel says:

    Love the HTGSC reference and excellent use of “fiascos”

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