Potluck Brunch

Last weekend, some friends from school and I got together for a potluck brunch. We started the meal off with some mimosas and quickly moved on to the star of the show: arepas! A classmate of mine from Venezuela, Jose, cooked up some of the authentic Venezuelan doughy treats. They are hard to describe and very different from anything else I have had, but I the closest comparison I can think of is Salvadoran pupusas. Made with cornmeal they were both dense and fluffy and super delicious! Jose has a little arepa maker that looks much like an American waffle maker! Jose made a bunch of amazing fillings to go inside our arepas including two egg dishes, black beans and rice, freshly grated cheeses and this incredibly delicious shredded chicken mixture. Everything was so yummy and we felt like we got a look into Venezuelan culture. The funniest part: Jose told us that an arepa without filling is called an arepa viuda or a “widow” arepa because it is empty and alone!

Jose and the wonderful spread!

Jose and the wonderful spread!

Arepa fillings

Arepa fillings

I filled my arepa with yellow cheese and chicken

I filled my arepa with yellow cheese and chicken

Other dishes at the brunch included delicious Indian curry chicken and pumpkin cinnamon rolls. I brought some homemade peanut butter granola (which no one ate…hopefully because they were too full from the arepas!). All in all, it was a great morning!

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One thought on “Potluck Brunch

  1. You have such fun friends! I want an arepa. Also, CONGRATS TO ABBY AND ADAM!

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