I just want a bagel.

Hi guys!
It’s been a while, and I am procrastinating catching up on emails, so now seemed as good a time as any to write-

The last 7 days have been interesting, to say the least. My friend Matt visited last weekend, which was both great and a little disheartening (the weekend just ended on a slightly down note…no need to elaborate). I will admit though, we had a ton of fun exploring the Smorgasburg market in Brooklyn on Saturday, followed by the Brooklyn Brewery, Prohibition Bakery (boozy mini cupcakes!), and dinner at an uh-mazing little Spanish spot on the Lower East Side. Definitely the highlight day of the weekend.

I took Monday off to hang with him a bit and catch up on unpacking, and I just felt really…yucky when he left. I shrugged it off, but didn’t feel normal for the rest of the day. As Tuesday then came and went, the emotional weirdness dissipated, but I started feeling physically ill (you guys remember those stress stomach aches I got in high school? Felt like those). I tried to breathe a little slower, and even went to an evening spin class to shake myself out of it, but by the time I went to sleep I was seriously uncomfortable. I woke up at 5 a.m. in serious pain, so I decided I’d leave work at noon that day (I had early morning interviews). Anyway, long story short, I probably have ulcers. So, there’s that. I feel a lot better but I’ve spent the last week taking it easy, and getting back into the gym. Oh, I’m also officially gluten- and dairy-free, which has helped me feel way better. More doctor stuff to come but hopefully I’ll never get those stupid stomach aches again!

Speaking of…I did assist Jess in making a banana cream pie with chocolate ganache this weekend. Grant helped too! I just had a bite but hooooly moly. I’d post a recipe but I basically stirred the pudding once it was already made. Real contributions, wheeeeee! It did, however, inspire me to go grocery shopping. I made a pretty baller salad that I’ll be using the rest of the week for lunch- grilled chicken, yellow squash, tomato, onion, orange pepper, asparagus, kale, and romaine with honey dijon vinaigrette. Yummmm. I basically spent the weekend doing those chore-type things, and then went to watch football with Jess yesterday. That was a lot of fun! I love her friends, and so any chance I get to spend time with her AND get to know them better is time well spent!

I also got internet this weekend- YAY- and it feels SO. GOOD. to be able to work on stuff from home! It’s been a while, so it feels cozy and pretty great. Anyway, I’m pretty sure the race to the most boring blog post ever is the only one I’ve ever won, but I’m weirdly ok with that. Love you guys, I’ll check in soon! Maybe next time I’ll have an *actual* gluten-free recipe. 🙂

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