Travel Tuesday: Koblenz, Germany

So I’ve decided to start an International Superfriends blog feature called Travel Tuesday, mostly because I know we are all avid travelers (when we can afford to be) and I want to hear more about your latest adventures! I’ll get the ball rolling with some deets on my trip to Europe this past May.

I traveled to Germany and Spain with a class from my school on the Eurozone economy. The first few days of our trip were spent in Koblenz, a fairly small German city that sits at the meeting point of the Rhine and the Moselle (I had to look that one up!). It was a very walkable city and we enjoyed traditional German food, beer and Riesling while we were there. One night we ended up at an Irish Pub in Koblenz and we may as well have been in Fado or Ri Ra or any of the Irish Pub chains we have in the states. Good to know an Irish Pub in Germany and an Irish Pub in the states are pretty much the same.

During the day we went to a few lectures at the business school in Vallendar a small town (population 8,400) across the Rhine from Koblenz and in the afternoon we explored Koblenz on foot and of course I got some pics of the big landmarks! One of the coolest things in Koblenz is the cable car which we rode across the river to the Fortress Ehrenbreitstein.

Koblenz Germany Hotel Room

Love the tiny European hotel rooms!

Abby Fountain Germany2

Posing with an awesome fountain in Josef-Gorres-Platz (a platz is like a town square). For a pic of the full fountain click here.

Cathedral Koblenz2

Basilica of St. Castor

Erin Thumb Statue Germany2

Erin, my roomie for the trip with a random thumb statue


View of the Fortress (and cable car) from Koblenz


The whole group at the Fortress


View of Koblenz (and the cable car) from the Fortress

While most of our time in Germany was a little rainy, we were lucky enough to have a few dry afternoons! Exploring was so much better when we could leave the umbrella in the hotel room.

Can’t wait to hear about all of your travels!

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5 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Koblenz, Germany

  1. Catching up on posts, and I got really excited because I thought Kat had actually written something. Fooled me!

  2. abbyzaniel says:

    No dice, Kat is still MIA. But you can do your own Travel Tuesday post, I want to hear more about your travels!

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