Music in the Harbor

Adam and I did something kind of out of the ordinary last night: we saw his family friend’s band play at the Hard Rock Cafe in the Inner Harbor. (Yes, the same stage Imagine Dragons played on just a couple of weeks ago!). Down to Everything performed as part of 98 Rock’s Hard Rock Unplugged concert series which takes place every Thursday.  The band was great and I loved the “unplugged” element of the show. When the international superfriends were in high school we went to a ton of shows (and Sarah, Jessie, Kat and I even had a “band”), but since I have gotten old and boring I rarely go to concerts anymore. It was great to see some live music on a Thursday night and even better was that Adam and I could walk there from our place!


Down To Everything Hard Rock Cafe Baltimore

Sorry for the terrible quality, that’s the band on stage.

Hard Rock Cafe Baltimore

I love that Hard Rock is bringing in local bands, we will definitely have to check out more of them. In the meantime, you can check out Down to Everything (and yes, I believe the name was inspired by Jersey Shore’s DTF).

Abby Fish Baltimore Inner Harbor

On the way home I had to take a pic with that fish statues. Which allows me to bring back this amazing throwback of Jessie and the fish circa 2007.

Jessie Fish Inner Harbor Baltimore


Happy Friday everyone! Fishy Fishyyyy.

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One thought on “Music in the Harbor

  1. 1) i miss my curly hair
    2) i miss that fishy fish!
    3) i miss youuuuu.

    …not in that order.

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