Weekend Update 10/11-13: Abby

Hi Superfriends!

I thought I would update you all on my cold and rainy weekend in Maryland. Despite my best efforts to avoid it, I had to come down to College Park on Friday for a group project meeting. I usually try to work remotely on Fridays and avoid an extra day of commuting, but since I had already made the shlep, I followed up my meeting with a trip to the gym and actually got an awesome work out in which made me feel a little bit better about the whole thing. After driving home, churning out a cover letter and taking a quick shower it was time to put out some snackies for our evening visitors.

Adam’s parents and their family friend Eric came over for dinner at our place. Eric hadn’t yet seen our new condo and Adam’s parents hadn’t spent any time there since we had gotten our furniture and hung our pictures. They are a fun group and we enjoyed wine and snacks before picking up Baba’s Mediterranean food for dinner. I wish I had taken a pic of our food because it was delicious! We also went to Baba’s two weeks ago for dinner before my birthday festivities. We got a bunch of dishes to share included homemade hummus, land kabobs and Greek salad. It is a neighborhood gem! After our guests headed home, Adam and I made a late night trip to Harris Teeter since I needed some ingredients for a recipe and we remembered that it would be difficult to get around Saturday morning because of the Baltimore Running Festival. I wish I had known about the festival a few months ago because I would have signed up for the 5k that was held alongside the longer half-marathon, marathon and relays. Clearly, the 5k is about all I can handle. Jeanette and I ran the color run in May and have been looking for another fun race to sign up for.

Color Run 5k

Jeanette and me post-color run 5k


Anywho, sorry about that tangent, back to my weekend! Saturday, Adam and I headed back down to College Park for the Maryland/UVA Football game. Adam and I went to practically every football game together when we were in undergrad, but hadn’t been back in years! We had fun walking across campus to get to the stadium, but I was less than thrilled to sit in the wet cold for hours during the game. I was however very excited when the Terps held on to win as UVA missed a field goal as time expired. Go Terps! Sorry Lindsay!

Abby Adam on Maryland Campus

Adam and me on campus


After the football game we headed to Jannette’s house for birthday celebrations! Because we went to the game we arrived about five hours late, but in true Jannette fashion, the party was still going strong! We had a few beers, played some games and took some pics before heading back up to Baltimore and calling it a night. Happy Birthday Jannette!!

Terps fans

Jannette Birthday

We were bums in Terps gear, but at least we made it, right?!


Sunday was yet another drive down south, since we went to brunch at my mom’s house before heading back to Baltimore to watch the Ravens games. Both the Ravens and the Redskins were huge disappointments yesterday, but in between games we went to Target and I got new boots so all in all, not a bad day! Sunday evening wrapped up with sushi and homework and this morning I had my second to last 8:30am class! Woohoo!

How was everyone else’s weekend? Were the non-East coasters rain-free at least?

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One thought on “Weekend Update 10/11-13: Abby

  1. Rainy weekend for us too! From Austin to Houston and back, rain followed us everywhere. They even had to cancel the second weekend of ACL because Zilker Park flooded!

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