Ahoy Matey

So I mentioned in my last post how I have been going running in my new neighborhood. I’m not a huge runner, but on a nice day I would rather run outside than go to the gym. I love running around Federal Hill Park and taking in the gorgeous views of the harbor. I definitely need a nice view and plenty of things to look at to keep me motivated. The only issue is that there is a pirate ship that sails around the harbor for parties and tours and every so often it shoots off a cannon. No, I don’t think it is an actual cannon, but it does make a giant exploding noise and scares the bejesus out of me every single time!! Without fail my first thought is that a bomb is going off and I should run for safety or drop to the ground and take cover. I think of it as “Baltimore Problems” – where else would a pirate ship interrupt your run?!

Do you all have any funny running stories? I can’t be the only one right?


Baltimore Inner Harbor grogeousness

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One thought on “Ahoy Matey

  1. i was running along the east river a few weeks ago and saw a beautiful boy walking with his dog. then they started running. and passed me. twice.

    homeboy was in boat shoes.


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