Following Your Passion

Hey guys!

Last night, Stephen and I went to a birthday dinner at Pieous.  The food was fantastic, but the company was the real highlight. The birthday girl was a new friend of ours named Polly. We met Polly one weekend rock-climbing on the Greenbelt, and we’ve kept in touch ever since, going to trivia nights and yoga and music festivals together. She’s a lot of fun to be around, so it came as no surprise that her friends were great too.

I sat next to Starla most of the night, and she had such an inspiring story. I just have to share it here!

For the past eight years, Starla worked for a company that writes bank manuals. The work was painfully boring, but the environment was even worse. Starla literally worked in the Office Space building. Yes, the exact place where they filmed the movie. She had nice coworkers, and they would do silly things like dress up in glamorous clothes on Fridays for the heck of it, but there was no hiding just how miserable they all were.


She told me she even saw a hypnotist- like the main character in the movie- simply to help her detach from work and get through each week, emotionally and mentally unharmed.

Not too long ago, she finally had the courage to quit and pursue her main hobby- fine art- full time. She’d been painting in the evenings, selling prints and original work here and there, but the income had never been large enough for her to justify quitting her day job.


Isn’t her work beautiful?

Immediately after quitting, a bunch of things lined up for her, and her art has sort of taken off. She’s currently working on a partnership with Anthropologie, and ABC Family has interviewed her for an inspirational story segment.

Anyways, it was a total pleasure to chat with her, and I thought you’d enjoy hearing her story too. Go check out her site, or follow her on Pinterest!

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One thought on “Following Your Passion

  1. abbyzaniel says:

    Very cool story. Her art is gorgeous!!

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