Weekend Recap (10/4-10/6): Lindsay

Morning, everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend… we certainly did! One full of home projects, an anniversary dinner and a little hiking. This was our last “unplanned” weekend until Thanksgiving, really. We have a lot of guests visiting over the next few weeks- Brian Wells, my parents and my mom’s cousins, Stephen’s dad, step-mom and siblings- so we made the most of this “calm before the storm”.

On Friday evening, I did a quick grocery shop and cooked fish taco bowls (seasoned Mahi Mahi, shredded lettuce, roasted potatoes, salsa and avocado) for dinner.




I realize I’m a total nerd for sharing that savings total, but c’mon, that’s some pretty good coupon-ing! And it says my dad’s name because we all just use the same shopper account number for Safeway/Randalls.

After dinner, we went for a walk downtown and found ourselves at Whole Foods for dessert. The place is decked out for Halloween; all of the decorations are made of recycled materials!



Saturday morning was spent hiking on the Greenbelt with the puppy. We wanted to tire him out so he wouldn’t pester us while we worked on home projects that afternoon. We painted, crafted, cleaned, and hung mirrors, curtains, and artwork for probably five hours. Afterwards, we went out to dinner at Jack Allen’s Kitchen to celebrate our 4-year dating anniversary. The food was AWESOME. Stephen had a chicken-fried steak, and I ordered the trout. It came with an apple-pecan salad and sun-dried tomato-walnut pesto. Oh gosh, SO YUMMY.



Crummy photo… it was pretty dark inside.

On Sunday, we took Stephen’s rifle to the shooting range, browsed Book People, FINALLY got into the new Trader Joe’s to buy apple cider, and spent the evening working on more Halloween crafts. I think it’s pretty hilarious that we craft together. I mean, what a nerdy thing to do, right? I guess the whole tombstone project kick-started our new little hobby, and we have a lot of fun sitting together at the dining room table, painting and cutting and gluing.




I made a fall wreath and cut out some felt bats to decorate the front door. The tombstones are still not done, but they’ll complete the whole Halloween scene.

How was your weekend?


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2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap (10/4-10/6): Lindsay

  1. abbyzaniel says:

    Impressive savings indeed! Can you please come shop for me, cook for me, and decorate my house for holidays??

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