Ain’t No Party Like a Mascot Party

I am full on obsessed with my new living situation. I love living with Adam, I love our actual condo, and I looove the location! We live just a couple of blocks from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor which provides gorgeous views and a myriad of different shops, restaurants and entertainment options. We have been taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and squeezing in long walks around the neighborhood whenever possible (we’ve also gone running together but my short legs and slow speed don’t make me the best running buddy). Last week, during an evening walk, we stumbled upon a party at the Hard Rock Cafe complete with the Oriole Bird and the Ravens mascot, Poe! Of course, I had get a pic since I love mascots of all kinds! Apparently, the Hard Rock Cafe was hosting a reopening party and there was an Imagine Dragons concert that night. We didn’t have tickets to the show, but enjoyed a drink at the outdoor bar and entertainment from a fire breather!

Baltimore Oriole Bird

Adam, Oriole Bird, Abby

Baltimore Ravens Mascot

Hanging out with Poe

Baltimore Inner Harbor Fire Breather

Fire breather in the Harbor!

I love that there is always something fun going on at the Harbor and hope that we get to enjoy more random events in the future!

My weekend was fun and busy. Adam’s cousin Anna and her boyfriend were in town so Friday we spent fun family time with Adam’s brother and his wife. Saturday we went to the Fell’s Point Festival and enjoyed outdoor music, fair food and wine poured with a heavy hand (score!). They also had trucks on site giving away product samples of Sabra hummus and Chobani – two of my favorite brands. I nabbed a Key Lime Chobani and it was amaaaazing. I had read about it on the Peanut Butter Fingers blog and I was very excited to try it. It did not disappoint! Is it weird that free Greek yogurt is a highlight of my weekend? I am a sucker for all things free.  Sunday I went to a pig roast down in Alexandria and spent the rest of the evening working out and doing homework. FUN!

Had to add my favorite throwback mascot pic…Lindsay, Kat, and me with Testudo circa winter ’05-’06

Girls with Testudo

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2 thoughts on “Ain’t No Party Like a Mascot Party

  1. What a fun weekend! But, I need more details about this pig roast; I’ve always wanted to go to one. I read PBF too, Abby! That’s actually where I learned about Twice!

  2. […] his family friend’s band play at the Hard Rock Cafe in the Inner Harbor. (Yes, the same stage Imagine Dragons played on just a couple of weeks ago!). Down to Everything performed as part of 98 Rock’s […]

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