Getting in the Fall Spirit

I just logged on with a mind to write about fall festivities, but I see that Abby beat me to it. Darn that Abby!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t feel much like fall in Austin yet. We’ve had a handful of cool days, but 90 degree temps are hanging on for a bit longer. Despite the heat, I got sick of seeing fall-themed Facebook updates from friends in VA and MD last weekend and declared Saturday to be a day of fall celebration.

Stephen was feeling under the weather, so we kept our fall activities pretty tame. First up was a stop at Whole Foods PumpkinPalooza. Flyers promised lots of pumpkin samples and live entertainment, but I have to admit we were a little let down. The pumpkin samples consisted of pumpkin beer, pumpkin seed-encrusted halibut and pumpkin pancakes. It was yummy, but I wouldn’t call it a Palooza, ya know? I did, however, enjoy the pumpkin piles in front of the store. So many varieties!

pumpkin1 pumpkin2

I like the Fairytale Pumpkins best. Excellent marketing 🙂

After PumpkinPalooza, we returned home to work on our painted tombstones for the yard. Did I blog about that yet? We’re still not done with them, but I’ll post pictures when they’re ready.

For dinner, I roasted sweet potatoes and prepared “apple-fried” pork loin. “Apple-fried” is a made-up term. I just mean that I pounded the pork loin thin, soaked it in apple sauce and egg, dredged it in ground oat flour, and pan-fried it until cooked through. It was yummy, but truly not all that apple-y. Needed more apple. And salt. I always forget to salt things.

Hopefully the temps cool down here soon so we can get out for some good fall hiking!


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One thought on “Getting in the Fall Spirit

  1. abbyzaniel says:

    We have had 80 degree days here on the East Coast so it is hard to get into the fall spirit here as well! Can’t wait to see the tombstone pics!

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