Chicky in the Crockpot

One of the biggest differences I have noticed between living alone and living with Adam is grocery shopping. When I was living on my own, grocery shopping was a spur of the moment activity, usually on a week night when I realized I had run out of food. I never really had a list and just threw whatever struck my fancy in my basket. Now, grocery shopping is a big to do! I am no longer crushing lean cuisines and random dinners of yogurt and tostitos chips like the single girl I once was.  Now, when I go shopping I have to plan meals for the week. Lunches I can bring to school, lunches Adam can eat at home, dinners we both like that don’t take too much prep work (I will let Lindsay chime in and share with you all the great meal planning advice she gave me). I have also discovered the wonders of the crockpot! I am still experimenting and figuring out what recipes work for us and which ones don’t (like the time our place reeked of burnt pineapple for a few days), but we are having so much fun sitting down to real, homemade dinners together!

Our latest crockpot adventure took us to Crumbs and Chaos’s Black Bean and Salsa Chicken. This recipe was definitely a winner! We used three fairly big chicken breasts and made two meals of it (one night over lettuce and one night over brown rice) plus used the extra sauce as a delicious hot dip for tortilla chips. Best part – Adam actually made it all by himself! Yes, boys are capable of throwing a bunch of ingredients in a pot!


Yummy Chicky

We will definitely be doing more crockpot meals…they are super easy and work well with our schedule. Adam can start them when I’m at school and they will be ready when I get home late and don’t feel like starting cooking.

Does anyone have good recipe recommendations? What are your grocery shopping routines?

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