Weekend Update: Lindsay

Abby, Jessie- I loved reading your weekend recaps! I would have enjoyed crashing either scene.

One word to describe my weekend? Active. I’m pretty content to sit at my desk and work today because just about every muscle in my body is sore.

On Friday, Austin experienced crazy thunderstorms. It pretty much rained all day, and there was some serious flooding going on. I even saw pictures online of people standing in the streets downtown with water up to their knees. Thankfully, the rain let up by early evening, just in time for our plans with friends Dipti and Andy. We went out for a nice dinner at Taverna in the 2nd Street District. The food was delicious, but the conversation was the real highlight. We’ve been hanging out with Dipti and Andy for a year now (Abby, we met at Jenson’s pumpkin carving party right before picking you up from the airport last year!), but somehow the four of us have never shared our first date/how we met stories. I was in tears laughing over Dipti’s account of college freshman Andy drinking a six pack of applesauce in her dorm room while working up the courage to ask her out.

Saturday morning, Stephen and I went bouldering at North Austin Rock Gym. Stephen nailed his first V4, and I even managed a V2. I hadn’t been climbing in a few weeks, so my forearms are still sore today. After climbing, we attempted to buy cheap wine at the Trader Joe’s that just opened in Westlake, but the line to check out wrapped around the entire perimeter. Silly us… trying to go on opening weekend. We scrapped plans and went home. In the afternoon, we took Renley hiking on the Greenbelt. He swam a little too. Love that Stinker Tinker. My list of nicknames for him is ever-growing. Stinker Tinker. Renley Penley. Slinky Pinky. Le Bebe. Tee-tee. Teets (somehow I missed the boobies connection here until Stephen pointed it out to me, and by then it had already stuck).

I cooked dinner for us Saturday night- chili, baked potatoes and roasted cauliflower- and later we met a new friend for a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse. Well, we tried to go to the Drafthouse. Tickets were sold out, so we ended up back at our place watching Pain and Gain (don’t really recommend). I also spent the rest of the night apologizing because the house smelled like a fart. I don’t normally roast cauliflower if we’re going to be hosting people…

Sunday was mainly spent doing intense yard work. We rented a tiller from the Home Depot to do some damage to an overgrown bed in the backyard that we wanted OUT. We literally tilled and dug and hauled dirt, debris and rock for THREE hours. Good god, we both just about passed out from exhaustion by the time we were finished. The good news is, the bed is gone, and my plot for a vegetable garden is full of rich, dark soil. Can’t wait to plant some seeds!

We had a late lunch at Chipotle to celebrate our hard work, and spent most of the time racking our brains to come up with a single adjective to describe each of the four seasons. The game started because we both agreed the weather was positively CRISP (thank you, thunderstorms, for the cool weather!) that day, and we decided that everything about fall- from decor to food to weather- is CRISP. Crispy leaves underfoot, crispy crunchy apples, crisply cool air. After much debate, we settled on COZY for winter, FRESH for spring, and JUICY for summer. Super Friends, please weigh in on this important topic.

Sunday afternoon, you would have found us at the dining room table carefully crafting fake tombstones for the front yard. Stephen LOVES Halloween, and he asked me nicely to craft with him, so I obliged. I’ll share pictures when they’re done. Looking good so far! We ate leftovers for dinner and lazily watched Air Force One before falling asleep at an embarrassingly early hour. Hey, yard work will take it out of you!

This picture-less post is a good reminder to get my freakin’ camera out more often!

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

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One thought on “Weekend Update: Lindsay

  1. abbyzaniel says:

    Pretty sure Kat and I have played that game before! I think we ended up with Popsicle for summer lol. Not sure I remember any of the others!

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