Weekend Update: Abby

Hi Superfriends!

Kind of like the “Day in the Life” that Jessie suggested, I think it would be fun to do an update where we can share about our weekend adventures. Also, blogging on a Sunday night is a great way to procrastinate doing schoolwork!

The weekend started off on a high note when Adam and I headed into DC to meet my mom and my cousin for a fancy dinner to celebrate my mom’s birthday. We ate at Lincoln a trendy restaurant on 14th St. Lincoln’s menu features a lot of yummy seasonal small plates. My two faves were definitely the brussel sprouts (with smoked peaches, bacon lardon and key lime honey) and the salmon with heirloom tomatoes. The restaurant was also gorgeous and has mason jar lights hanging from the ceiling. I stole this pic from the eventup page for you to take a looksie.

Saturday was a wash when we attempted to go to a free outdoor music festival only to leave after an hour or so since it was pouring rain. It did get us thinking about an interesting question…

What band would you be willing to wait in the pouring rain to see play a free show?

I said The Killers, U2, Coldplay and Jay-Z. I have never seen any of those groups and, with the exception of The Killers, their concerts are always super expensive!

After Saturday was a dud, Sunday more than made up for it! I had a few friends over for a little birthday brunch and football watching. I made a really delicious french toast casserole using a recipe from The Pioneer Woman, Adam whipped up some tasty scrambled eggs and we enjoyed mimosas on our roof before the football started. All in all, a great weekend! What was everyone else up to?!


View from our roof

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One thought on “Weekend Update: Abby

  1. Brussels sprouts and salmon with heirloom tomatoes??? That is such a Lindsay meal. I need to check out Lincoln!

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