Planty’s New Home

Since everyone has been posting pics of their pet, I figured it was my turn! As a self-sufficient 25 year old, I like to think that I can keep a plant alive. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. An old roommate of mine left her large Spath plant behind when she moved out and I adopted it as my own. I named him Planty and he is my friend. Unfortunately, Planty has not been doing so well since the move to Baltimore. After reading this Spath Plant Care website, I think Planty may have gotten sunburned when I left him in the car for an hour or two while running errands. He was also growing a little too big for the pot, so I decided it was time Planty got a nice new home. I bought a new pot and some potting soil and on a nice day, it was time for the transplant!

Planty’s old pot….definitely time for an upgrade!

planty 2


Planty thrives in his new pot!

planty new home 2

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One thought on “Planty’s New Home

  1. I admire your green thumb. I might be able to keep a dog alive, but my track record with plants is pretty bad.

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