That’s not a muffin, that’s a blog

Hello!  Sasha checking in!  I’m a blogging newbie, so please be kind.

I couldn’t think of a fancy way to introduce myself, so I thought I could do an about me questionnaire.  I couldn’t think of any questions, so I went to my favorite tag-team, Siri/Google, to find a questionnaire for me.

I was thrilled when, Seventeen Magazine had an article called 20 Questions to Post in Your Profile. I figured that keeping with our theme of friendship started back when we were adolescent girls, this would provide a lot of fodder.

Hold up!  Why is Seventeen Magazine telling young people to post full names, parent’s names and last four digits of social security numbers… I exaggerate, it’s not that bad, but I gave up hope when I came across “In my teens I hope to achieve _____.”  Sadly, Seventeen Magazine, that ship has sailed.

Maybe at 26 I’m old enough to come up with my own about me.  Here goes nothing…

Who: Sasha, often accompanied by husband, Dan (29) and dog, Harvey (3)
What: Market research manager by day, but also travel addict, fashion fan, and pal of five superfriends
Where: San Diego
When: 1986-present
Why: This is a bit philosophical for a first post, so I’ll just talk about why we’re blogging. Even though we’re all twenty-somethings, we’re in very different places in our lives, and wanted a fun way to keep in touch and document our experiences. I’m sure you’ll find posts about wedding planning, navigating careers, moving, and fun stuff like when Jessie spills coffee and trips.
How: Still trying to figure that one out.

Also this is Harvey last Halloween…
He wanted to say hi, and was a bit jealous of the Renley pictures.


2 thoughts on “That’s not a muffin, that’s a blog

  1. abbyzaniel says:

    I miss reading 17 magazine. Harvs is the cutest. Love you Sasha!

  2. Hahah that Seventeen Magazine quiz is too much. Seriously invasive! But I think times have changed since we were 17 in terms of sharing private information. You should see what sorts of thoughts my younger cousins post on Facebook…

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