Favorite Part(s) of the Day

Hey there, ladies! (says Lindsay)

I have a question for you all this morning:

What is your favorite part of the day (any day)?

I think we’ve always done a fairly good job of keeping one another up to date on major life events and weekend happenings, but what I’m most curious about are the everyday routine moments that go undocumented. Just as an example, Jessie, when I read your Monday morning story, my first thought was: “Wow! Her mornings are SO different from mine.” I loved getting a peek into your typical NYC day.

So, I’m going to share a few of my favorite daily moments in the hopes that you’ll do the same.

Morning walks with Renley. You all know I’m a morning person. Nothing has changed there. On weekday mornings, I generally wake up at 6:30, and on the weekend I’ll try to sleep in until 7:00 or 7:30. The first thing I do every day is take Renley for a long walk and some Frisbee playtime. Thankfully the weather is pretty predictable in Austin, so I can always count on T-shirt temperatures and no rain. It’s a really nice way to start the day; I love spending some Mommy-and-me time with the wriggly pup.

Speaking of said pup, here is a recent picture of him. Look at dat face, squeal!

Renley and Antler

The hours between 4:30 and 6:00. After work (I normally work 8-4), you’ll find me at the gym. This is another highlight of my day. I like having some alone time to challenge myself, unwind from work, and catch up with gym friends (acquaintances?). We don’t really talk about workouts all that much, but lately I’ve been into functional fitness, Crossfit, yoga, and whatever activity Stephen and I fit in during the weekend, like rock-climbing, swimming with Renley, or hiking. I’ve actually pretty much stopped endurance sports like running, swimming and biking, which might surprise you guys since I was hooked on triathlons for so long. Eh, things change. I still run a little bit (I have to keep some sort of base for reffing lacrosse games), but I’m just not passionate about it anymore.

When I get back from the gym, Stephen has normally just finished working, and we’ll get started on dinner together or get ready for plans with friends.

Bedtime. Hah, I’m just realizing that the main highlights of my day are waking up and going to bed… hmm, what does that say about me? Let me explain the bedtime thing. Stephen stays up much later than I do most nights. My eyes start to close around 10:30 or 11:00 during the work week, but he doesn’t get tired until 1:30 or 2:00. Rather than just let me go to bed alone, he always comes to lay down with me for a while so we can read together and chat about the day. I seriously look forward to this moment EVERY single day, and I’ve been known to pout if I feel he’s “cutting my bedtime short”.

So, those are my favorite routine moments. Let’s hear yours, Super Friends!

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4 thoughts on “Favorite Part(s) of the Day

  1. abbyzaniel says:

    Hmmm good question Lindsay! I’m not sure I have a favorite part of the day right now since the school year just started and I am getting back into my routine. I definitely have a favorite part of the week though, Thursday mornings. I am usually at school about 12 hours a day Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday so when I don’t have to be at school until 2pm on Thursdays, my mornings become such a luxury! This morning I slept in until 9, caught up on emails, did a Jillian Michaels workout vid and had lunch with Adam. So nice!

  2. Sasha says:

    My favorite time of day is probably 8:30-9ish. Dan and I usually take the Harvs for a post-dinner walk, and will often stop for a coffee. We talk about our days, and what’s coming up for tomorrow, and just sort of decompress!

  3. my favorite part of the day monday through wednesday is 2 p.m.- it’s when my team meets for our recruiting meeting. we go over the roles we’re all trying to fill, and discuss recent fills, difficulties, successes, etc. i love it because it’s a chance for me to hear about my job from someone else’s perspective, and that allows me to acknowledge where i excel, as well as where i could use some work (hearing stories of candidates that were difficult to sell on an offer give THE most interesting insight).
    tuesday and thursday…you guys won’t believe it, but i’ve actually started REALLY looking forward to my evenings. after my move to the upper east side, i realized i live just 2 blocks from the uptown east river running path. you won’t believe that this is my fave time because i’ve started running again…and for the first time in my life, i’m enjoying it. i ran my first 8 minute mile in 10 years on tuesday…and then kept running for another mile and a half. it’s a fantastic way to decompress, listen to music that i don’t get to hear nearly as much as i wish i did, and watch the sunset in the greatest city in the world (i’m biased).
    can we each do a post on a-day-in-the-life now? i dig that idea, and linz was kind of getting at it anywa đŸ™‚

  4. Sasha, that sounds like such a nice ritual! I like coffee. And I like walking. And dogs. And San Diego, you and Dan. Really, I just like the entire scene you’ve described. Jessie, congrats on the return to running! I can’t agree that NYC is the greatest city in the world, but I do love it quite a bit. I REALLY need to plan a visit soon; it’s been way too long. Maybe pre-holiday season Stephen and I can find a weekend? Abby, sounds like a great morning!

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