Personal Branding

Happy Tuesday! Abby here. I know Jessie is glad that Monday is over, but my Monday went pretty well. It got off to a great start when I heard You Make My Dreams Come True on the radio on my drive to school (I LOVE that scene from 500 Days of Summer and I can’t help but rock out a little when I hear that song!). I am currently in grad school getting my MBA at the Smith School at the University of Maryland.I also went to UMD for undergrad and am a diehard Terps fan.

Last night I hosted an event for the Media, Sports and Entertainment Association about Personal Branding. We had an awesome panel of speakers who use various social media platforms to build their personal brands! We munched on delicious gyros and enjoyed the the tips and advice from our panel of experts.

Our panelists:

Blarney Crone

Adi Joseph

For the Win

Mary and Goliath

Mattie Ressler

Mary, of Mary and Goliath is a classmate of mine and she has built an awesome following on Instagram with her healthy, plant-based eating concept! Check out one of her pics below. Yum, she makes those figs look good! I personally enjoy my figs baked with mozzarella and wrapped in prosciutto (not sure Mary would approve!).

Mary and Goliath

After the event, I headed home with leftover gyros for Adam and enjoyed a relaxing evening watching football. All in all, a good Monday!

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