Go Dance Open House

Hi, friends!

Lindsay here. You may remember me from this blog’s inaugural post as the Super Friend who famously doubted our group’s ability to withstand the test of time. I won’t bother with defending myself and explaining my comment’s context. Let’s just say I was wrong, and I’m quite happy to still call these ladies my close friends.

What else should you know about me? I live in Austin, Texas with my boyfriend Stephen… er, fiance. Still getting used to that! We moved to Texas in 2011- I to Austin and Stephen to College Station- to avoid a long distance relationship during Stephen’s year of grad school at Texas A&M. To put it succinctly, we love Austin to death, and we plan on staying for a few years. We purchased a home together in October 2012 and adopted a dog named Renley in January 2013.

Feeling comfortable now? Cool. Let’s talk about the time I repeatedly showed my thong to a room full of strangers.

On Friday afternoon, I met up with some ladies from my book club for happy hour at a restaurant on South Congress. If there are any locals reading, we went to Lucky Robot. I highly recommend the crispy Brussels sprouts.

I sat next to a girl named Angel who works full-time as a marketing coordinator for Go Dance, an Austin dance studio offering private and group lessons. We got to talking, and she invited me and Stephen to an Open House on Saturday night. Stephen… how do we put this nicely… HATES to dance, so I knew it would take some convincing.

I’m apparently quite persuasive, because we found ourselves at Go Dance at 7:00 the following night, learning basic steps of the swing dance. The class instructor had us spread out into a circle, followers and leaders paired together. After each practice round, followers would move around the circle so that everyone had a chance to dance with different partners.

Stephen and I paired up at the start of class, so we only danced together for a short while. We had just mastered the rock step when I had to move along to my next partner. By the end of class, when we were deep into practicing twirls, I had worked my way halfway around the circle so Stephen and I were at opposite ends of the ballroom.

Why all this detail you ask? His vantage point is an important detail of the story.

I should probably also fill you in on my outfit of choice for the evening. Another important detail. I wore my pink dress, as seen at Sasha’s wedding welcome party:


I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. Pink dress + twirling = an embarrassing situation.

While dancing, I could feel my dress twirl, but I didn’t necessarily think I was exposing anything. Stephen informed me otherwise at the end of class.

So, that’s my story. We’ll be back to dance class. But I’ll wear pants next time.

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