Houston, we have a table

Before we get to the table, it’s probably worth taking a minute to explain why we started this blog. We are each navigating our 20’s and each in a different place in our lives (and in a different place on the map) and this blog is our way to stay in touch and share stories with each other (and the rest of the interwebz). We’ll blog about everything about favorite restaurants and recipes, DIY projects, milestone events like moves, engagements, babies (someday?!) and everything in between.

So, to that end…the table! I recently moved to Baltimore (home of the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens) with my boyfriend, Adam, and we are still working on unpacking boxes and hanging pictures on the walls. Our project this weekend was to find a dining table. We have sort of a dining room/living room combo space so we didn’t want a table that was too big or obtrusive. We found the perfect table at IKEA and Adam put it together like a champ.

First he put together the chairs…

Chairs 1

And then the table…

Table in Progress

Finished product!

finished table

Yup, that’s my big news. Hope everyone else had as exciting a weekend!


2 thoughts on “Houston, we have a table

  1. Love the table, Abby! We did some IKEA furniture-assembling of our own this weekend. Our friends Dipti and Andy gave us two big black bookshelves that they no longer had room for, and we spent most of Sunday reorganizing Stephen’s office and styling the shelves. I love me some IKEA. And congrats on surviving your first IKEA trip without a fight!

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