It’s official!

Yes, we officially have a blog! After much debate over a name, we decided to just pull the trigger and get things started. Thus, we are the International Super Friends. Which just means, if Kat ever moves back from Germany than someone else has to move abroad (or we have to change the blog name – yikes!).

You’ll get to know each of us over time, but some quick info: we are six friends who went to middle school together in Northern Virginia. We have since gone our separate ways but have stayed close friends! We see each other as often as possible, getting together for events like weddings and holidays and, the highlight of our year, our annual Christmas get-together. This winter will bring our 10th annual holiday dinner and we are still going strong! We like to remind Lindsay of this since after our dinner during our senior year of high school she doubted that we could keep the tradition going.

Anywho, now the blog is in action! You will hear more from us soon… YAY!

Here we all are at Sasha’s wedding in June

Sasha Wedding

Sarah, Jessie, Kat, Sasha, Lindsay, Abby


One thought on “It’s official!

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